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Providing the flexibility needed for 26 members.

Euronics ESL pro advertisment
Euronics ESL pro advertisments
Euronics ESL pro store layout
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Euronics ESL pro advertisment
Euronics ESL pro advertisments
Euronics ESL pro store layout
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Activating a global sponsorship to millions

Sponsorships & Events

Euronics, international organisation of independent electrical retailers, have signed a sponsorship deal to be the Official Partner to ESL, the world’s leading esports company.

We need to strategise, plan and activate the sponsorship in an omnichannel approach, reposition the Euronics brand and target a younger demographic – with a network of over 25 brands.

We’ve worked with you on global partnership programmes before and know the level of activation you provide. We know you're the right agency to activate this sponsorship and help us to make it a success.

Ignition Collective

This type of project is something we love to get involved with! Carrie’s specialist area is partnership activation.    

Drawing on the whole team’s experience and skills we can offer a full activation service – from ideation and on-the-ground event delivery right through to measurement and analysis of the ROI. When can we start?

The result?

What we delivered:

  • Marketing planning and strategy for individual markets and the overall global brand
  • A robust account management system
  • Ideation and content creation  
  • Market tool kit creation  
  • Contract and asset rights management  
  • Campaign implementation  
  • Graphic design of all assets  
  • On-event coordination and management
  • Guest hosting and logistics  
  • Evaluation and analysis  

ESL Pro League Season 12 (PL S12) was the third consecutive group-wide partnership for Euronics and was the most successfullyactivated e-sports partnership to date.

PL S12 ran for 34 days and was the most-watched online CS:GO match of all time. The partnership provided extensive broadcast exposure and delivered significant ROI for Euronics and its members.

The figures:  

  • 1847% ROI on partnership fee
  • Over €2.1m Q1 media value 
  • Providing a 425% ROI on media value
  • 25 out of 26 members engaged in activation
  • 21 in-store activations and 118 digital activation campaigns
  • 289.3m live video views
  • Over 65m hours were watched, with an average minute audience of 46 minutes
  • 11+ m social media impressions and over 3.9m engagements
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