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Logo Types

When someone says the name of a company or organisation, more often than not the first thing you think of is their logo or a product with their logo on. But what does that logo mean?

There are seven different types of logo, each with different characteristics which may or may not suit a brand. That’s why it is essential to understand logos when thinking about your needs.


When a brand or company is established enough to be instantly recognisable by a simple icon. These icons are usually a part of the historical branding in some form.


Where the acronym of the product, name, or phrase is used. Good for long names, like The National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


A font-based logo using the name itself.


Emblem or ‘badge’ logos typically contain a brandmark, lettermark or wordmark, (or sometimes a combination). Because the elements are self-contained, it makes emblem logos great for sports where the applications may widely vary.


On the face, abstract logos have no clear link to a brands products or services. Instead, they can convey a message or feeling; for example, the Nike tick could mean action and possibility.


A Combination of text and symbols to form a logo. Like emblem logos, combination logos can be self-contained, making them easy to apply.

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