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Ignition Collective new website

July 4, 2022
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Sneak peak image of the new Ignition Collective website

It's been on our radar for a while to give our website a well-deserved refresh. Our team has expanded. Our work has constantly developed with every project. Our list of clients has grown. 

Getting stuff done is what we do best, but ironically doing our own marketing has always been one of the most challenging things actually to do. Client work always takes priority, as it should, and shouting about how great we are just feels awkward for everyone. 

If you know Ignition Collective, you know we will always rise to a challenge. So, it was time for us to do all the great things that we do for our clients, for ourselves. 

As we approach our tenth anniversary, it is time to give ourselves a great big pat on the back, show ourselves some of the love and attention that we give to our clients daily, and launch a brand new website and a brand refresh.  

It's a rare sight to see every single member of the IC team working on one project simultaneously, but that's precisely what we had to do. Months of decision-making, deliberating and creating led us to this moment. We're proud to present to you our shiny new look.  

P.S. We wanted to give a big shout out to our Creative Developer, Mike, who has worked tirelessly to create a website that we are all proud of. Yes, he's made a website that looks awesome, but there's so much more hidden behind the scenes… gadgets and gizmos that you don't see. That's why we think he's beyond brilliant. Thanks, Mike. 

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During her bachelor's degree in Media and Communications, Bethan realised her love for all things marketing. Bethan's infectious energy shines through the projects she delivers – people enjoy working with her because she loves what she does.


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