Has one of your IC teammates reminded you of exactly why we are so goddam good? Then award them a House Point, after all, what goes around comes around.

We all know points mean prizes (well those of us old enough anyway!). House Points will be tallied up and the team member with the most at the end of each quarter will receive a prize.


The team member with the most House Points received at the end of the year will be crowned Mega Champion and you never know may win a car! Lols, JK, but a prize worthy of a Champion.

Haven’t seen anything worthy of your points this month? Don’t worry, save your vote until you witness a shining example of IC behaviour that truly blows your mind.


Troubleshooting Wizardry 

Combining a vivid imagination with a desire for practical solutions, you get stuff done. Never afraid to ask the important questions and seek invaluable insight, making sure you provide solutions that not only deliver but seemingly achieve the impossible.

Creative Brilliance

Driven, focused, and dedicated to the creative process. You make it your mission to always deliver original and powerful ideas. We know that great ideas don’t just happen by accident, it’s down to your hard work, research, imagination and innovation.

Spirit Squad

Charismatic and expressive, you love sharing your ideas and visions with others and creating community around shared values and ideals. You have an infectious energy that shines through the projects you deliver – we know people enjoy working with you because you love what you do.

Token Overachiever

It’s clear yours was always the first hand raised, with the right answer to every question, and a perfectly painted solar system science project to top it all off— you’re prepared, innovative, and dedicated to constant improvement. You strive to achieve the best for every client, big or small, speak to anyone and they will say the same thing “You go the extra mile”. You are our resident Buzz Lightyear – to infinity and beyond!!


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